Family Visa

There are a number of family visa options available under the Australian visa program. The visa option and whether the option provides temporary or permanent visa depends on a number of factors, including the relationship to the Australian and sponsorship process required.

    The program is made up of a few sub categories including; - Partner visa - Parent visas - Child visas and other family, which includes career and remaining relative visas.

Our team of experienced Migration Agents and assistants can assist potential applicants to identify the appropriate family visa and take them through the application process. Some of the more common family visas include:

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Partner visa Subclass 820/801, 309/100

There a four subclasses related to partner visas. Subclass 820/801 is for applicants who are inside Australia at time of application. Subclass 309/100 is for applicants located outside Australia at time of application. Other than location at time of application the partner visa processes follow very similar framework and for many applicants involves a two stage process, being provisional partner visa, followed by consideration of permanent partner visa. In some cases where applicants are in a long term relationship the provisional and permanent partner visas can be finalised at the same time.

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Parent Visas Subclass 103, 143, 173, 804, 884. 864 and 870

There are various parent visas and the appropriate option for potential applicants depend on several factors including: location at time of application, age of applicant and balance of family (Australian Children vs non-Australian children).

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Child visa subclass 101, 802

This visa is for dependent children of Australian permanent residents and citizens. Some more difficult scenarios can involve cases where the applicant is not being sponsored by both parents or guardians, or where the child is aged 18 year and over, and claiming dependency on their Australian parent/s. As with other family visas there is an onshore and offshore time of application option.

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Other family visa subclass 102, 114, 838, 836, 116, 461, 117, 837, 300, 115 and 835

The majority of these other family visa subclasses apply in very specific circumstances. Guide on various requirements and potential eligibility can be provided through professional consultation with one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents.

Immigration Advice and Assistance

It is important to note that the information supplied confirms the types of Australian visa matters we can assist with. To attain professional immigration advice, on the requirements of a particular process and to gauge your suitability, formal initial consultation is required. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time with one of our Registered Migration Agents. Following consultation we can provide service agreement should you wish to engage us for a particular matter.


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